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Zurich in South Africa is a company that can trace its origins way back to the beginning of the 19th century. The company’s roots lie in a company known as Eagle Star that was formed in 1917 and had a South African subsidiary known as SA Eagle which was established in South Africa in 1968.

Through various administrative changes, Eagle Star came to be Zurich Financial Services in 2007 and SA Eagle in South Africa came to be Zurich in South Africa in 2007.

In effect, Zurich in South Africa can draw upon over 135 years of experience in providing for markets across 170 countries. While the majority shareholder of Zurich in South Africa is the global Zurich Financial Services at 58.5 percent, Royal Bafokeng Finance has 25.1 percent and the balance is held by other smaller parties.

Zurich in South Africa primarily deals in corporate, commercial and individual insurance products in the country. The company offers a range of insurance products, and here is a list.

1. Commercial insurance products:

These are customised insurance products designed for covering risks concerning medium to large commercial enterprises.

2. Corporate insurance products:

These are primarily highly flexible risk management products designed for large enterprises.

3. Engineering insurance products:

The company also holds expertise in providing engineering insurance solutions covering machinery risks, electronic risks, construction plant risks and contractual work protection.

4. Farmers insurance products:

The company also provides farmers insurance products designed for all types of farmers including commercial, emerging commercial and subsistence types.

5. Flexiflite:

Flexiflite is one of the most flexible insurance products in the world. It is designed for protecting individual proprietors and professionals in various sectors.

6. High net worth insurance products:

These are flexible insurance products for people of high net worth.

7. Home and motor insurance products:

These are comprehensive personal insurance products for individuals.

8. Marine insurance products:

These are insurance products for dealing with global transport risks.

9. Small and medium enterprises insurance products:

The company offers simplified insurance solutions for small to medium enterprises.

10. Hospitality insurance products:

These are insurance products for the hospitality industry.

11. Collectibles insurance products:

The company also provides special insurance products for jewellers.
Owing to Zurich in South Africa’s international ties and rich history, the company is a highly trusted and relied upon name in the country.


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