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Sentrasure Limited is a company that is a part of the greater parent company of Mutual & Federal. From all points of views, Mutual & Federal, the South African insurance business legend, is the company behind Sentrasure insurance products. Effectively, Sentrasure insurance enjoys the kind of special and uncontestable reputation and backing that only Mutual & Federal can provide in South Africa.

Mutual & Federal, itself, is a company that was established first as the South African Fire and Life Assurance Company way back in 1831. The company has, since its inception, captured a large chunk of the South African market and become one of the leading names in the South African insurance industry.

Sentrasure insurance products are, basically, the insurance products from Mutual & Federal. There are four separate categories of insurance products that the company has on offer. Here is a list of the insurance products that the company offers in terms of groups made by the company itself.

1. Insurance products for individuals through brokers:

Insurance products offered by Sentrasure for individuals through brokers include Allsure, Surewise, Insurance 4 All and Family Care Policies. In essence, through its various products Sentrasure provider cover for a wide variety of things such as vehicles, home contents and buildings, legal liability, personal accident and even hospitalisation.

2. Insurance products for businesses:

Insurance products that the company provides to businesses are further categorised into five groups of commercial business products, corporate business products, corporate engineering products, corporate marine products and risk finance products.

3. Insurance products for farmers:

Sentrasure’s insurance products for farmers are divided into two main groups. These are agricultural insurance products which focus on agricultural assets and crop insurance products that focus on crops.

4. Direct insurance products for individuals:

Insurance products that the company provides directly to individuals are simply grouped under the iWYZE valuable insurance products that provide coverage for a variety of things starting from car and home to all other types of valuables.

As mentioned previously, Sentrasure is a company that has such deep roots with its parent company, Mutual & Federal that it provides the same products that its parent company does.

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