RMB Structured Insurance Reviewed

RMB Structured Insurance is a wholly owned subsidiary of Rand Merchant Insurance Holdings which is looked at as one of the most reliable financial services institution in the country. Rand Merchant Insurance Holdings comprises all the insurance divisions of the group. The RMB Structured Insurance Group primarily consists of RMB SI Investments which is a proprietary company and a series of short term and long term insurance licences held in the country and abroad.

The primary objective of the RMB Structured Insurance Group is to target large corporate entities with their customised insurance and financial risk management solutions. These solutions are created by the company by formulating and strategising innovative financial sectors. In other words, RMB Structured Insurance Group emphasises on customising its insurance solutions on the basis of the specific requirements of specific clients.

The company offers only one insurance product that can be specialised in a wide variety of ways.

  • Affinity Business: an insurance product that can be designed on the basis of specific insurance or financial risk protection needs of any one company.

The product is categorised as an insurance product that is sold to a company’s customers as a value added service. The benefits of such an insurance product are many and the foremost of these is that it manages to help the company grow its customer base while, at the same time, create whole new and independent revenue streams. Furthermore, the fact that the company offers the Affinity insurance product as a value added service means the clients’ or customers’ levels of satisfaction are improved significantly.

RMB Structured Insurance is a company that has a lot of experience in consumer protection insurance as it is a part of its primary product of Affinity Insurance. While Affinity Insurance focuses on asset protection from various situations such as theft, fire and similar dangers, the consumer protection aspect of this insurance product aims at other aspects such as credit life and accidents amongst others.

It is worth noting that the company has specialised experience in the furniture sector of the country as it has been actively supporting this sector for a period of 15 years.


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