Nedcor Insurance Reviewed

Tracing Nedcor Insurance’s ownership will lead a person straight to one of the foremost corporate entities in South Africa in Old Mutual through one of the stalwarts of the South African financial sector in Nedbank.

As is obvious, the pedigree of the corporate institutions standing behind Nedcor Insurance gives it the kind of credibility that is difficult to attain in the modern world, especially in the insurance market as it is full of competition.

The ties between Nedcor Insurance and Nedbank are such that they even have common promotions. For example, buying travel tickets through a Nedbank credit card results in the buyer also receiving free travel insurance that can be topped up further.

The company, like many insurance companies in the world today, relies on a network of brokers for its business. It also has a wide range of insurance products that cover almost all the possible categories of insurance products in the market today. Consider the following offerings from Nedcor Insurance.

1. Nedcor home insurance:

The home insurance packages from Nedcor Insurance are like standard all risk cover policies. However, these policies can be further augmented with additional cover through optional add-ons. There are numerous optional add-ons such as replacement value cover, cost of alternative accommodation, cover for loss of rent and even optional subsidence cover.

2. Nedcor motor insurance:

The motor insurance products from Nedcor Insurance are comprehensive in their coverage. Furthermore, these policies even have a 24 hour claims system wherein you can contact the company at any time in the day. There are also discounts that are given for additional security measures implemented on the vehicles and free radio cover.

3. Nedcor travel insurance:

Nedcor Insurance offers generic travel insurance policies that can also be acquired through the use of Nedcor credit cards.

4. The NedExcel plan:

There is also an all encompassing insurance product from the company known as the NedExcel Plan. This insurance product covers home, outbuildings, home contents, personal possessions and any and all types of vehicles.

Nedcor Insurance is a trusted name simply because of its ties to Nedbank and, hence, Old Mutual.

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