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PPS is the largest company of its type in the world i.e. offering the type of insurance products that it does. PPS stands for Professional Provident Society. The company specialises in providing insurance products to graduate professionals working in their respective fields. In effect, the South African arm of the company is a part of the global PPS agency.

PPS is a company that was established way back in 1941 as a venture of multiple dentists who wanted to provide for the specific needs of graduate professionals. Initially, insurance solutions were only offered to dentists. However, the popularity of the insurance products resulted in them being offered to a wider demographic of graduate professionals.

The company can also be distinguished from other insurance providers in the industry by virtue of the fact that its policy holders are also its owners. The company’s board positions are filled with its policy holders along with people from professional associations and surplus profits are paid out to the policy holders as actual dividends.

In effect, the company is not only an insurance provider but also a quasi investment vehicle. Here is a list of the insurance products that the company offers to graduate professionals.

1. PPS Provider:

Within this segment, the company offers a wide range of products consisting of PPS Sickness, Permanent Incapacity Benefit, PPS Professional Health Provider and PPS Professional Life Provider.

2. PPS Business Provider:

These types of insurance products are primarily business assurance products. Offerings within this segment include PPS Business Life Provider as well as PPS Business Health Provider.

3. PPS Student:

PPS Student is an insurance product aimed at students still studying in professional fields. The policy provides cover for permanent incapacity, sickness and hospital expenses.

4. PPS Short Term Insurance:

PPS Short Term Insurance is a comprehensive short term insurance product that provides cover for a wide variety of things. These include household contents, buildings, motor vehicles, roadside assistance, car hire, leisure vehicles, personal liability, all risks, watercraft as well as equipment.

In essence, PPS is a company that not only allows a graduate professional to get insurance cover for his specific needs but also potential profits from the rise of the company.


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