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MUA has the distinction of being the first company in South Africa to offer specialist underwriting services. Furthermore, at the time of its inception, MUA was one of only three of its types of managing agencies.

The company was established more than two decades ago but has in this period gradually propelled itself to be the first choice company when it comes to providing insurance risk manage solutions for the high net worth short term insurance market.

The company caters to over 20, 000 clients through a network of around 700 independent insurance brokers. MUA benefits from focusing on the high net worth insurance market as it looks to tailor specific solutions packages for each of its clients.

Initially, the company was established solely for catering to the vehicle insurance market. However, the company has since introduced various insurance products that fall in the property and liability classes. There are primarily four different types of insurance products that the company has on offer.

The following is a list of the same.

1. Classic motor:

The classic motor is a specialist insurance policy that aims at providing comprehensive protection to the owners of classic, vintage and collectible types of cars. Needless to say, the features are categorically designed for the needs of such owners.

2. Executive motor:

The executive motor insurance policies are like the classic motor insurance policies, albeit they are designed for executive, classic and exotic car owners. In other words, these policies target luxury car owners in the market.

3. Executive home:

The executive home insurance policies from the company are again targeted at people with high incomes. These are customised home insurance policies that are known to be very particular with detailing in the underwriting strategies.

4. Emergency assist:

The emergency assist product from the company is designed to take care of a wide variety of emergencies that high net worth individuals may face. Some features of this product include roadside assistance, home utilities call outs and auto concierge services.

MUA is an insurance company that has been focusing only on the high net worth individuals of South Africa and this is also why it has built up expertise in the sector.

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