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Mutual & Federal is one of the foremost corporate leaders within South Africa with regard to the insurance, property and financial services industries. The company’s primary mode of distribution is the broker network model where brokers themselves market, implement and even administer the insurance policies and products on offer.

It is worth mentioning that the company’s broker network is truly vast and spans the entire country quite comprehensively. The majority of the equity in Mutual & Federal is helped by Old Mutual which is a very significant and popular corporate organisation in South Africa.

Mutual & Federal has categorically specified that it boasts of an easy claims process. While it is true that due diligence on claims is not foregone, it is also true that the company tries its level best to keep the whole claims process as short and convenient as possible for its customers. Mutual & Federal has a wide range of products on display for its customers.

Here is a list and descriptions:

1. Allsure personal short term insurance:

This insurance product from Mutual & Federal is designed for a wide variety of things such as buildings and household items, personal liability and accident, motor vehicles of all types, personal computers, legal costs, hospital plans and even bereavement expenses.

2. Insurance 4 you:

This is an affordable insurance option that Mutual & Federal offers to its customers. The product has basic features, small premiums and provides cover for buildings and household contents.

3. Family care products:

There are various family care products that Mutual & Federal offers. These products mainly focus on hospital expenses and personal accident contingencies.

4. Commercial insurance products:

Commercial insurance products are customised insurance products for various commercial situations such as medical professionals, dentists, florists, pharmacies and even vets.

5. Corporate insurance products:

Corporate insurance products are tailored insurance policies for engineering, marine, legal and finance companies.

6. Farmers’  insurance products:

These are specialised and dedicated insurance products for farmers and, hence, provide relevant features.

Mutual & Federal is an insurance provider that is backed by one of the largest and most respected companies in Old Mutual.

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