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Regent has the distinction of offering the widest range of motor insurance policies in the South African insurance market. Furthermore, the company also boasts of being one of the top two insurers for commercial vehicles in the country along with being the company that has more than a quarter of the aircraft in South Africa insured with them.

The company has managed to record such achievements because of two reasons. The first is that it focuses solely on vehicle insurance products of various types while the second is that the company is a wholly owned subsidiary of the much greater Imperial Group of companies.

The company was established in 1989 and from the beginning has been focusing on the motor insurance sector of the country. The company is one of the fastest growing insurers in the market and currently boasts of an annual turnover of more than 1 billion rand. It is also worth mentioning that Regent has an AA- rating from the Global Credit Rating Company.
The company boasts of at least three extremely broad categories of insurance product offerings.

The following is a list of these categories.

1. Commercial and business cover:

There are various insurance products that the company offers under its segment of commercial and business cover. In fact, even within this segment, there are sub segments that contain multiple individual policies. The insurance products within this category provide cover for accident and health, aviation, commercial vehicles, other types of commercial and industrial aspects, corporate travel, goods in transit, marine, premium collections, taxis and tourism and hospitality.

2. Group cover:

The company has an insurance product known as the Group Life Cover that is designed for protecting employees. Some of the products included within this category include the employee benefits, the Group Credit Life, the Group Funeral, the Group Life Insurance and the Group / Society Cover.

3. Personal cover:

Within the personal cover segment, Regent offers products such as aviation, care line, Credit Life Cover, Family Funeral Plan, Individual Life Cover, marine, motor related cover, motorcycle cover, property related cover and travel insurance.

Regent is a company that has, over the years, developed an unmatched expertise in the motor insurance sector.

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