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Is Tyre And Pothole Insurance Worth It?

A car insurance policy is designed to protect the owner from the financial fallout of various contingencies. For instance, most car insurance policies provide protection against accidents in terms of the money required for repairs so that the car owner does not have to pay hefty amounts from his pocket.

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How to Reduce Your Fuel Consumption

There is no escaping the fact that fuel prices will continue to rise in the future. The result of this would be a lot of pressure on people’s personal finances. Unless some new technology is made commercially viable, the only way you can counter this trend is by increased fuel efficiency.

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Who Insures Bikes In South Africa?

Most motorcycle enthusiasts would tell you that there is nothing better in the world than to feel the wind blowing through one’s hair while the world just breezes by. This is the perfect example of how motorcycle aficionados can get inspired by their passion.

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Why You Should Consider a Tracking Device in Your Car

Most people are so happy at recently purchasing their new car yet so confused with multiple car insurance clauses that they fail to take into account other aspects related to owning a car.

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Trikes VS Bikes: How Are They Covered?

The one problem that most people have with motorcycles is that they are a bit too dangerous. This is especially true for South Africa, where the state of the roads is poor because of big potholes. While maintaining balance on a bike is, in the best of circumstances, dangerous, with potholes on the roads it becomes even more dangerous.

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