Why You Should Consider a Tracking Device in Your Car

Most people are so happy at recently purchasing their new car yet so confused with multiple car insurance clauses that they fail to take into account other aspects related to owning a car.

However, owning a car is a lot more than just buying one and getting an insurance policy for it. In fact, in a country like South Africa, these are only the basic aspects of owning a car. For instance, in South Africa, it is extremely important for car owners to get a tracking device installed in their cars.

The primary reason for this is simply the high instances of car hijacking that the country sees year on year. There are many benefits of installing a tracking device in your car. Consider the following:

1. Significant car insurance premium reductions: The most well known benefit of installing a tracking device in your car is that it would help reduce your car insurance premiums. Most car insurance policy providers offer discounts to people who have a tracking device installed in their vehicles.

They do this because the installation of a tracking device in a car makes it low risk for an insurance provider to insure as the chances of recovering it rise considerably. Therefore, by having a tracking device installed, you would be saving a lot of money.

2. Pre requisite to theft protection in car insurance policies: In fact, for some car insurance policy providers in South Africa, the tracking device holds so much importance that they do not offer theft protection without it.

What this means is that there is a possibility that your car insurance policy has a clause that disqualifies theft protection in the case where your car does not have a functional tracking device installed. Therefore, if you want full theft protection, then have a tracking device installed from an authorised source in your vehicle.

3. Retrospective defense against thieves: The primary reason why car insurance providers give so much importance to tracking devices is that they increase the chances of the vehicle being recovered in the case of a theft.

In essence, what this means is that not only would you save a lot of money by installing a tracking device in your car but you would also increase the chances of never losing it for long.

4. Accompanied by Recovery option: Some tracking device providers provide additional services apart from the basic installation. For instance, high end tracking device providers would even recover your vehicle for you if it gets stolen. As a matter of fact, some would even recover it from abroad.

5. Immediate activation in situations involving accidents: Another benefit of installing a tracking device in your vehicle is that it can increase the response time of medical support in the case of an accident.

For example, if you have an accident somewhere then, at the moment of impact, your tracking device would activate and contact the right people. The result would be that medical support would automatically be dispatched in a few seconds, ensuring that your chances of recovery increase.

There can be no doubt as to the benefits of having a tracking device installed in your car. However, if you want to avail all the benefits then you should make sure that you get the tracking device installed from an established, reliable, and trustworthy source.

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