Who Insures Bikes In South Africa?

Most motorcycle enthusiasts would tell you that there is nothing better in the world than to feel the wind blowing through one’s hair while the world just breezes by. This is the perfect example of how motorcycle aficionados can get inspired by their passion.

However, while motorcycles are fun and entertaining to ride, they also bring responsibilities for their owners. One of these responsibilities is to insure the motorcycle with the right motorcycle insurance policy.

If you are also looking to get your motorcycle insured then it is likely that you are wondering which companies provide such insurance policies in South Africa. For your reference, here is a list of the major motorcycle insurance companies operating in South Africa right now.

1. Dial Direct:
Dial Direct is an insurance provider that has its headquarters in the United Kingdom. In fact, the company boasts of ties to some of the largest personal insurance firms in the UK.

The highlights of its motorcycle insurance policies include a call centre based in the UK, a 24 hour insurance claim helpline, motorcycle insurance policies for multiple motorcycles, and a slew of extra features.

2. Auto & General:
This is one of the leading insurers in South Africa as it started way back in 1985. The company has comprehensive motorcycle insurance policies which have features for virtually every contingency.

For example, Auto & General’s motorcycle insurance policies provide accessories coverage and give the option of additional features such as hail damage.

3. Bikefin:
Bikefin is a company that is the personal finance partner of a major insurance company in South Africa, Hollard. This company actually specialises in insuring two wheeled vehicles.

They offer four different types of motorcycle insurance policies in the form of Cycle Plus for extended warranty, Cycle Short for short fall, Cycle Plan for full cover, and Cycle Life for credit protection.

4. Apex:
Apex is another insurance company that focuses on insuring motorcycles. In fact, this is a specialised insurance company that is available to its motorcycle insurance policy holders round the clock, offers individualised underwriting, and provides broker backup.

The highlight of insurance policies from Apex is that it does not balk from insuring even specialised motorcycle accessories for its policy holders. For example, it freely insures motorcycle leathers, fancy chrome exhausts, and helmets.

5. iWYZE:
iWYZE is another well known name in the South African motorcycle insurance market. The company is closely related to the financial services behemoth Old Mutual. Old Mutual’s 167 years strong reputation carries over to the iWYZE brand and has actually made it very trustworthy.

Motorcycle insurance policies from iWYZE are comprehensive in nature. Their scope of coverage is fairly detailed as it contains everything from third party and comprehensive protection to even credit shortfall.

6. Prosper:
Prosper is an insurance company that has been known to go out of their way to provide additional benefits on their policies in the form of dents and scratches cover or emergency assistance cover.

They provide comprehensive motorcycle insurance policies which include comprehensive cover, third party liability, protection for motorcycle accessories and even cover for towing charges.

Finding the right motorcycle insurance provider in South Africa is all about hard work and diligence. The more insurance policy providers you consider seriously, the better your chances will be of finding that one perfect motorcycle insurance policy.

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