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Unity is a company that was established around 8 years ago in 2004. The company, at the time of its inception, decided to be different from generic insurance companies in the country by ensuring that the internal composition of the company reflected that of the South African community.

In essence, Unity is one of the many companies in South Africa that epitomise corporate social responsibility. The company’s primary mode of providing its insurance products to the South African market is through a network of insurance brokers.

This network is further supported by a wide range of affinity partners. As a result of such strategic decisions, the company provides to the South African insurance market through a central group of people in sales, a state of the art call centre, a reliable platform for individual risk underwriting and a competitive claims and administration phone line.

The company offers a wide variety of insurance products to South African citizens and is even in the process of introducing insurance products designed for the low income market.

Here is a list of insurance products that the company currently has in its portfolio.

1. Personal cover products:

The company has around eight different types of insurance products that it offers to individuals in the country. There are insurance products for vehicles, motorcycles, watercrafts, trailers, caravans, portable possessions, home contents and buildings. In addition to this, there are many free benefits that Unity offers such as entertainment assist, medical assist, road assist, trauma assist, home assist, legal assist and Unity Care which is designed for HIV positive individuals.

2. Business insurance products:

The company’s business insurance products can be segregated into five separate groups which are professional, business, office, practice and guest. Each of these categories contains numerous insurance products within it.

3. Lifestyle products:

Unity also has four different lifestyle products known as the Unity Protection Plan, the Unity Personal Accident, the Unity Like New and the Unity Cellphone.

Unity, while being a relatively new company is highly regarded in the South African insurance industry. The company is particularly famous for its Siyabonga Bonus which allows for premiums to be returned to the policy holders after 4 years of claim free and uninterrupted insurance.


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