Safire Insurance Reviewed

Safire Insurance is a company that was established in 1987. The company started out as an insurance cooperative that focused on the timber growers of the Kwazulu Natal region. This history of the company has resulted in its worldview being a little different i.e. it focuses on clients’ needs as opposed to the requirements of shareholders.

As mentioned earlier, the company started out as forest insurers but has since its inception grown to include various other short term insurance products as well. Here is a small list of what the company has on offer.

1. Domestic Cover:

The company tries to provide cover for every domestic asset in terms of various contingencies. It provides different types of cover through these sections:

  1. Houseowners Section – provides cover for structures.
  2. Householders Section – covers all the contents within the structures including personal possessions.
  3. All Risks Section – covers all types of specified or unspecified risks.
  4. Personal Liability Section – protects the policy holders from legal consequences of injury to a third person or damage to third party property.
  5. Personal Accident Section – covers death, partial disability or permanent disability resulting from an external accident.
  6. Electronic Equipment Section – covers loss of or damage to electronic equipment.
  7. Motor Section – protects every type of privately owned vehicle such as cars, motorcycles, caravans and trailers.
  8. Pleasure Craft Section – provides comprehensive cover for vehicles and equipment along with third party liability protection as well.

2. Commercial, industrial and farming cover:

The commercial, industrial and farming cover provided by Safire is completely customisable i.e. the company tailors insurance products to suit the specific needs of its clients so as to cover all possible risks.

3. Sugarcane cover:

This is a newly launched specialised insurance product that is designed for farmers who have crops of timber and sugarcane.

4. Plantation cover:

The company has specialised in forestry cover which is why its plantation cover insurance product is virtually flawless.

The company enjoys a backing of distinguished pedigree with some of its reinsurers being Swiss Re, Lloyds of London, Munich Re, Hanover Re, Africa Re, Scor, Kiln, Flagstonere and Mondial.

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