Pinnafrica Insurance Reviewed

Pinnafrica Insurance is a company that is a part of the much larger Cardif Pinnacle, which is a specialist credit life insurance strategies provider in Europe. The company Cardif Pinnacle, itself, is a wholly owned subsidiary of the much larger Pinnacle Insurance plc which is a well known, highly respected and the largest creditor insurance provider in Europe.

As a result of the ties that Pinnafrica Insurance boasts of, it has a significant amount of international experience behind it along with the kind of knowhow that can only be drawn from long periods of operation.

Pinnafrica Insurance primarily focuses on the creditor insurance products. Creditor insurance products are designed to provide financial protection to creditors against some kind of disruptive events hindering the borrowers’ ability to pay back the debt or loan that they have taken.

As a result, creditor insurance is also known by other names such as payment protection insurance or even loan protection insurance. The company offers six different kinds of insurance products split evenly between individual insurance and business insurance categories. Consider the following:

Individual insurance products

1. Creditor insurance:
These policies provide features such as cover for dread diseases and disability, retrenchment cover, credit shortfall cover, life cover and even accident cover.

2. Return to invoice:
The company also offers a completely unique and exclusive product in return to invoice which prevents depreciation of your vehicle in case of an accident or theft.

3. Funeral assistance:
As the name suggests, these are policies for assisting people in bereavement and funeral expenses.

Business insurance products

These insurance products provide protection for various banking instruments such as loans, credit cards, bonds, mortgages and overdrafts.

Motor trade:
These types of insurance products from Pinnafrica Insurance are designed for vehicle financing services such as credit shortfall, hire purchase contracts, leases and other contracts.

Retail industry:

Retail industry business insurance policies provide protection against things such as in store credit and hire purchase.

Pinnafrica Insurance is a highly reliable company in South Africa simply because of the pedigree backing of its parent companies from which it draws financial stability and operational expertise.

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