Is Tyre And Pothole Insurance Worth It?

A car insurance policy is designed to protect the owner from the financial fallout of various contingencies. For instance, most car insurance policies provide protection against accidents in terms of the money required for repairs so that the car owner does not have to pay hefty amounts from his pocket.

The majority of car insurance policies contain clauses for a wide variety of situations relevant to the environment that the car is driven in. This is why, in South Africa, tyre and pothole insurance policies are becoming common.

The roads in South Africa have been deteriorating consistently for some time now. The situation is such that the roads and highways of the country are in disrepair. In fact, the potholes have become so severe that they can singlehandedly cause accidents in a worst case scenario.

At the very least, potholes have the potential to damage the tyre and rims on a car. Therefore, if you are on the verge of buying a car insurance policy and are uncertain if getting a tyre and pothole insurance policy would be useful for you, then you need to realise that it is indeed important.

Tyre and pothole insurance policies tend to cover all damage caused by such potholes and other situations on the road. In other words, they are designed for protecting the policy holder from damage resulting from bad roads.

From a broader perspective, a tyre and potholes insurance policy would protect you from instances of tyre punctures, damage to the rims, alignment issues caused by poor road conditions, and even suspension related problems.

It is common for people to not consider protecting their tyres and rims up until they get damaged due to highly damaging potholes. If you go over a pothole at high speeds, then you may see damage in the form of your tyre deflating slowly. There may even be heavier damage, with chunks of the tyre gone.

Tyres and rims are not cheap, especially if you drive an expensive car. Moreover, such damage can be severe with new tyres. This is why tyre and pothole insurance policies protect both new tyres and old tyres.

Tyres and potholes insurance policies are typically quite affordable, but the exact monetary requirement depends on the car you drive and the type of tyres you have on it.

For a small upfront payment, you can have the ability to claim for replacement or financial compensation towards your tyres and rims getting damaged due to the notorious potholes of the country.

Alternatively, there are some tyre and pothole insurance policies that require minimal monthly payments towards 100 percent compensation for such damage to your tyres. Such insurance policies are particularly crucial for people who travel on highways a lot. This is because potholes can cause a maximum amount of damage on highways.

If you are still unsure whether a tyre and pothole insurance policy is truly worth it then you need to consider this fact. A study conducted by the South African Road Federation revealed that every year South African motorists pay up to R50 billion towards repairing damages caused by potholes.

The need for tyre and pothole insurance is becoming almost indispensible as the roads in South Africa continue to get worse. Therefore, you need to make sure that you have protected yourself from the financial ramifications of running over a pothole.

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