Is It Worth Adding Minor Scratch And Dent Cover To Your Policy?

The insurance world is a complex one, especially if you have never dealt with it before. With every insurance policy, there are a myriad conditions and clauses designed to cater to inclusions and exclusions.

The terms and conditions document or the document that deals with the coverage of car insurance policies tends to be very long and hard to fathom. The reason for this is the legal jargon that is used in these documents.

The result of this fact is that most potential car insurance policy holders become confused about which situations their policy covers, which situations it should cover, and which situations they do not need protection for. One of the clauses that people get confused over is minor scratch and dent cover.

Scratches and dents can only be classified as minor damage when it comes to cars. This is the prime reason why people are unsure whether to use it or not. However, if you evaluate the benefits of getting this kind of cover against the money it requires, you would find that it is much more useful than it seems initially.

There are many benefits of getting the minor scratch and dent cover. The first and the most obvious of these is that by getting such a cover you would be ensuring that your vehicle looks good at all times.

While the aesthetic aspect of this is great, the tangible fallout of this is that the resale value of your vehicle remains intact well into its twilight years. In simple terms, as people would see no dents or scratches on your car, they would be inclined to pay more for a well maintained car.

On the other hand, another benefit of using this kind of cover is that when your dents and scratches are being repaired you would not have to pay any excess towards the total cost because your insurance provider would take care of all of it.

If you do choose to add minor scratch and dent cover to your insurance policy, you should know how it works. Getting this type of an addition would provide you with coverage for light scratches, minor dents, and even small paint chips. Some minor scratch and dent covers, it should be added, even provide protection against windscreen cracks and chips.

The process for availing this cover is also fairly simple. Once you apply for this kind of a cover, you would have to take your vehicle to a service station where it would be inspected in detail. All existing dents, scratches and paint chips would be recorded during the inspection before the policy is forwarded for approval.

After this cover has already become active then you can live with the assurance that if there is some new kind of damage then it would be taken care of by your insurance provider without you incurring any kind of cost.

However, you should take note that these kinds of covers can only be availed at body shops that are a part of the insurance providers’ networks. What this means is that when you are looking to add this cover to your insurance policy, make sure to check that the network of the insurance provider is large and close to your home.

The benefits of adding minor scratch and dent cover to your policy cannot be underestimated provided the monthly costs are bearable for you. Consider the aforementioned information before you decide whether to include the policy or not.

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