Is Health Insurance Really Necessary?

Many people have asked this question especially if they already have a medical aid plan in place for those unexpected surgeries or illnesses.  Health insurance was introduced especially for those instances where a medical aid plan will not cover a certain procedure or hospital stay.  Just imagine if you had to undergo emergency surgery but your medical aid provider decides they are not going to pay for it because you didn’t have the surgery done by one of their network doctors or hospitals.  This could leave you in a huge predicament.

Health insurance is a really important part of your insurance portfolio as it will ensure that you are able to cover any debt you may owe a hospital or doctor in the case where your medical aid plan doesn’t cover everything.  It is also a fact that people who have health insurance and medical aid plans are looked after much better and attended to much faster than people who are not insured at all.

Remember that health insurance will also be very helpful should you become disabled at some point in the future.  Having a health insurance plan will ensure that you still have an income and that you will be able to continue living in the same manner you have been while you were still working.

Sometimes people feel like they are wasting their health insurance premium every month because they never use the insurance on anything.  However, it is always better to be prepared, especially in our uncertain times.  It would be much harder to try and get money together should something happen unexpectedly, than claiming from your existing health insurance policy.  If you already have a health insurance plan, keep up with your premiums, even if you don’t use the plan for years on end.  You never know what might happen.

Keep in mind that many companies are making health insurance a compulsory benefit these days.  This is a very good thing as many employees would choose not to take a health insurance plan if they had the choice of doing so or not.  Paying a couple of hundred rand a month into a plan that can only help you is really not too much to ask.  Having health insurance for your spouse and children is also very important.  Should something happen such as an accident or dread disease, you will be covered without any hassle.

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